Join us if you are a lawyer and support equal shared parenting

If you are interested, send us an email.
Please consider providing a reference (e.g. your website or a colleague) so we can verify your professional status (i.e. as a lawyer)
It would also help if you can write something (or if you have an article) expressing your support for shared parenting, particularly if we can us it on our website.

3 thoughts on “Join us if you are a lawyer and support equal shared parenting”

  1. I am not a lawyer. My name is Nancy Vetter and I am the chair for the Iowa National Parents Organization and an alliance with Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, Inc in the state of Iowa. I am the parent of an alienated parent (my son) and the grandmother of an alienated child.

    I cannot express to you the elation I felt when discovering your organization! I will be asking every attorney I am acquainted with, and come in contact with, if they have joined Lawyers for Shared Parenting. I am anxious to receive your newsletters and any information/awareness materials you put out.

    Thank you for forming this organization. I look forward to seeing it become a huge entity in accomplishing Shared Parenting worldwide.


  2. I am interested in your organization and its attempts (which in many respects mirror those in Minnesota) to seek legislation favoring shared parenting. I am an attorney licensed in Minnesota and in Wisconsin 1021064.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with your perspective on shared parenting legislation .
    RE: valid arguments
    1. international ranking of Canada in CSO ( Civil Society)
    Of particular interest is your argument about the ” international” status of Canada on this issue. This must be connected to their Transparency & Accountability rating that profiles fiscal responsibility and Public Justice in all services.

    2. the Canadian government model of governance
    This is further augmented by the Canadian government’s own NPG ( New Public Governance )perspective where the power resistance of citizens against public institutions is greatly reduced “when” citizens are given greater control over their own lives.
    3. Fiscal responsibility to taxpayers
    An argument in favor of Shared Parenting must be that it undergirds the NPG philosophy by respecting ‘ the economic reality of the high costs TO the courts to revisit Custody & Access issues long after current Divorce agreements are made.

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